Join Our Team

C-health is always seeking patient focused, energetic, and innovative health care professionals to join our team.

Join Our Team

C-health is always seeking patient focused, energetic, and innovative health care professionals to join our team.

Founded in 1999, C-health is the largest community endocrinology provider, and one of the largest cardiovascular care providers within the province of Alberta. We offer comprehensive care to patients in an effort to address individuals’ health needs.

Why Join C-health?

At C-health we believe our employees are our greatest asset. We know that in order to provide our patients with high-quality care, we must have a team of people who are experienced, highly trained, have a passion for innovation, and a strong desire to impact our communities’ health.

Our goal is to increase timely access to community specialists and provide patients with the highest standard of specialty care. We are committed to leadership in our communities, across Alberta, to enhance specialist care access and the integration  with family doctors and the wider healthcare system. We achieve this goal by offering our team:

  • Training and development
  • A high degree of team collaboration
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Internal growth opportunities

Our team consists of innovative thinkers that challenge traditional norms to deliver quality care in a timely, innovative, and sustainable manner. The C-health team is a highly effective, efficient, and engaged group of allied health care professionals that leverages the varied expertise of all team members to benefit the patients we see.

C-health mirrors the ethnic diversity seen in our communities. We speak 17 different languages and the members of our team appreciate cultural nuances. Our team is always open to learning about cultural norms and optimal ways to deliver care to individuals with respect and sensitivity.

The C-health model strives to create environments where physicians have access to the staff and resources they need to make a diagnosis and provide appropriate care. Our physicians are focused on providing high-quality, timely care, with effective communication to patients’ entire care entire team care. C-health leadership ensures physicians have the support and resources needed to meet this goal.

At C-health you will find a highly energetic, collaborative, and professional team environment with caring and approachable leadership. We are fully engaged in our mandate to deliver high quality care in a timely manner with a focus on a positive patient experience. We truly embrace our vision of “living longer…. living better” as demonstrated by the wide variety of activities and community events in which staff participates in outside of C-health. C-health offers comprehensive benefits and values a work-life balance for our team members.


We are proud of the work we do and the difference we are making. See what our patients and our staff say about their experience with C-health.

“After some chest discomfort, my wife insisted that I go into C-era clinic. They did an ECG and Treadmill Exercise Stress Test, in addition to a MIBI Nuclear Perfusion Test. They diagnosed that I had a 90% blockage of my right coronary artery, and I was referred to Calgary Foothills hospital for angioplasty. I’ve been back to C-era for follow-up visits. They’ve done a great job of keeping me from having a heart attack, and I was lucky to have them act so fast on my behalf.”

~ Terry O., C-health patient

“The practice of medicine and medical knowledge has gotten very complicated and is changing rapidly. The art of medicine hasn’t change much and is still a personal communication with another human being. I believe we can’t always be clever, but we can always be kind and respectful. We have the ability to treat common medical problems uncommonly well and complicated problems the best possible way. We are fortunate in Calgary to have the facilities to manage our patients with sound advice and medical care.”

~ Dr. Terence D. Groves, C-health MD

“It was a great experience. I’ve learned quite a bit about how to use a treadmill and the cardio hook ups – what they are and how they work. I would like to thank Terrence, the cardio tech, for a very informative session. He was very thorough from the start to giving the results.”

~Ted L., C-health patient

“I was impressed with how relaxed all of the staff made me during my tests. I enjoyed the explanations of what was occurring.”

~Don M., C-health patient

“Excellent visit – all workers showed care, concern and kindness. Dr. Sivakumar – wonderful!”

~Mary D., C-health patient

“Very friendly, happy atmosphere. Very accommodating even when I was late.”

~ Tim F., C-health patient

“It’s very satisfying to be part of a collaborative team of health-care professionals who draw on their respective areas of expertise to best serve our patients. The result is a very timely and comprehensive patient experience.”

~ Robyn Tyrrell, C-health Manager of Human Resources and Operations

Partnerships and Collaboration
Partner with Us

C-health corporate supporters help us to educate, advocate and support the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic disease.

Corporate Partners

C-health strives to foster mutually beneficial relationships with Canadian corporations to benefit the health of all Albertans. We collaborate with Canadian corporations who have a strong history and brand image and are looking to get involved in effectively raising awareness of the seriousness of chronic disease.

With your support, C-health is working to:

  • Increase awareness about the seriousness of chronic diseases, and their complications and impact on Albertans
  • Provide vital services to Albertans living with chronic diseases, their families, and members of their healthcare team
  • Impact legislation at the local, provincial, and federal levels that benefit Albertans affected by chronic disease
How Your Dollars Make a Difference

C-health is continually working to mobilize community outreach and education and promote laws and policies that best meet the needs of Albertans living with chronic diseases.

Knowledge is a very powerful and pertinent component in the fight against chronic disease. C-health is committed to providing the most relevant information, tools, resources and support to Alberta’s community members and healthcare professionals. To do so, C-health works very closely with well respected, trusted community members and experts along with provincial and Canadian organizations involved in the fight against chronic disease.

Outreach efforts increase the availability and utilization of services. Helping people understand their condition and know where to go for help is a key component in making a difference in the fight against chronic disease. Through direct interventions and interactions with community members and healthcare professionals, C-health works to educate about the various chronic diseases, their warning signs, symptoms, and risk factors. Through enhanced community outreach across Alberta, we hope to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage Albertans to get screened and seek appropriate clinical care.

Benefits of Partnering with C-health

Building Loyal Relationships – Supporting C-health will help foster customer and stakeholder loyalty by demonstrating your organizations long-term commitment to helping the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic condition. An annual report demonstrating your commitment and involvement will surely send a clear message to key customers and stakeholders.

Enhancing Your Brand – As C-health has well-established, respected, and trusted relationships with pertinent Albertan community members, stakeholders, and experts, joining us will increase your organization’s brand image within Alberta, key markets, and the Canadian marketplace as a whole.

Engaging Your Workforce – Supporting us will demonstrate to your organization’s workforce that you are truly committed to joining Alberta in the fight against chronic disease and working to improving the lives of Canadians living with a chronic disease. It is no secret that a boost in employee morale is directly related to an employer’s contribution and commitment to the community.

Expanding Your Reach – Support for our initiatives to educate, advocate and improve the lives of the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic disease.

At C-health we support students in reaching their full potential.

An important part of practice is helping to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals. We support students who are passionate about learning and have an interest in health care, research, and management. Students in medicine, nursing, dietetics, sciences, pharmacy and other healthcare professions are encouraged to contact our human resources department at about volunteer and other learning opportunities.

Career Opportunities

C-health offers a range of career opportunities for Allied Healthcare Professionals.